Tong Teik Coffee

Tong Teik Pte Ltd started trading green coffee from Vietnam, Indonesia & Laos in 2011. Vietnam is the world's second largest coffee producer, behind Brazil, and the world's largest robusta coffee producer.

The Tong Teik Representative Office in Vietnam provides services for Tong Teik Pte Ltd Singapore including:

  • Procurement
  • Quality control
  • Logistical services
  • In-depth local market analysis and research

Our Vietnamese team brings over 70 years of combined coffee experience to the group.  Their closeness to the farmers and exporters is one of our greatest strengths.   Beyond that, we have well established contacts to suppliers and companies in the coffee roasting industry.

We also offer coffee from Indonesia and Laos procured by our exclusive local agents.  These agents bring their long standing relationships with exporters at origin to our business. These exclusive local agents ensure the quality of all coffee that is shipped and that all shipments are properly analyzed and cup tested prior to delivery.

Tong Teik Pte Ltd recognizes the growing demand for sustainably grown coffee and will support various programs in the region to build and maintain a traceable supply chain.

 Please contact us for any variety of coffee you need from Vietnam, Indonesia or Laos.